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Player Eligibility

Can Kindergarteners play SAY soccer?

Most Kindergarteners are not age eligible to play SAY soccer in their first Fall season. Kilgour parents have historically formed the Kindergarten Soccer Club as a fun, fall soccer alternative. Most Kindergartners are eligible to play SAY soccer in the spring season under the following criteria: a) age 6 by July 31; or b) five-year-olds who will become six (6) by September 30th and who will be entering first grade). Pre-school age children are not eligible to play SAY soccer.

Can my child play "up" in an older SAY Age Division?
Yes. Students may "play up" with a written request from a parent and approval by Kilgour's Soccer coordinator. This request must be presented in writing at the time of registrations on the form or by letter.

Can my child play "down" in a younger SAY Age Division?
No. Students may not play with a younger age division. This rule is strictly enforced by the cut-off date of July 31. SAY soccer has a special procedure for students with a physical or mental disability. Please contact the soccer coordinator at the registration period for more information about SAY Eligibility, Rule 1, Section 3. Letter I.

Can I sign up late after the registration deadline?
Yes, but there is no guarantee your child will be able to play on a Kilgour Team. Teams are formed immediately following the registration deadline to comply with SAY requirements. Based on team size limitations, there may not be any space on a team for late registrants. A waiting list is formed in the event another player drops off a team. There is also an additional $10 Late Registration charge (refunded if not be placed on a team). Exception: New students who enroll at Kilgour after the registration deadline are guaranteed placement on a Kilgour team, subject to SAY deadlines.

How do I register my 6th grader (12-13 age, Kickers)?
The Kickers age division is composed of players age 12 and 13, which is generally 6th and 7th grade. Since Kilgour does not have a seventh grade, we coordinate player placement for 12-year-olds with local schools such as Walnuts Hills and Clark*. Kilgour parents fill out an SAY registration form during the sign up period, but player fees are paid at a later date depending on their school placement. Kilgour occasionally forms its own Kickers team, but this is rare.

* Several of these secondary schools also have "school" soccer teams in the fall season. These school teams, some with try-outs, are not affiliated with SAY recreational soccer.

Do I have to provide my child's social security number?
Not initially, but SAY may require the social security number to verify ages.

Teams and Coaches

How does Kilgour soccer choose teams?

Kilgour soccer conducts a blind, random draw when forming teams each season, as required by Kilgour Sports Boosters and SAY rules. Teams are formed immediately after the registration deadline in order to meet strict deadlines for Cincinnati East SAY. Teams must be formed that equally balance both the number and ages of players on a team in each age division within an SAY District (school).

Can I request a specific coach, team or player?
No. Players are drawn at random (see above). Kilgour will not consider any assignment requests for any reason. There are two exceptions to the random draw: a) the head coach and 1st assistant coach will be assigned their own child; and b) siblings may play on the same team in the appropriate age division.

How are coaches and assistants chosen?
Parents interested in serving as a head coach or assistant may check the appropriate box on the SAY Player Registration form. We also ask you to contact the soccer coordinator well before the season registration period. Head coaches may request to be paired with one assistant coach by making a note on the registration form. SAY East allows teams to name only ONE head and assistant coach pairing per team before the team draw. A third assistant may be added to the team roster after player draws, but only from the pool of parents from players on that team.

Kilgour's soccer coordinator and assistant coordinator select head coaches. Those with an SAY East coaching license receive priority. This license is earned by attending an SAY coaching clinic, which is announced before each season. Kilgour Sports Boosters will reimburse parents for the clinic fee.

Do I need prior soccer experience to coach soccer?
No. Prior soccer experience is not needed. Kilgour seeks coaches who are 1) responsible, 2) organized, 3) good communicators and 4) interact well with students. SAY East has excellent coaching clinics (see above) before each season. Kilgour's veteran soccer coaches are glad to provide advice and tips.

Uniforms and Equipment

How do I get Kilgour team uniforms?
Kilgour parents must secure all required uniforms and equipment. Spirit Wear team sells soccer uniforms at sign ups and major school events. Order forms are also available at the school or on this website.

What soccer uniform and equipment do I need?

Soccer players must wear a Kilgour sports uniform jesery (with number), shorts, socks, shin guards and appropriate shoes such as molded soccer cleats (recommended) or sneakers (not recommended).   We also recommend players have a water bottle and ball marked with their name. There are several good soccer stores in the area: Soccer Village, Dick's, and Play it Again Sports (used equipment).

What are the correct soccer ball sizes?
Age 6-7 Passers = size #3 ball. Age 8-9 Wings = size #4 ball. Age 10-11 Strikers = size #4 ball. Age 12-13 Kickers = size #5 ball.

What is the Kilgour Soccer Shoe Bank?
Kilgour soccer places two plastic bins in the school lobby at the start of each season. Kilgour parents may desposit outgrown shoes (molded cleats, cleaned up) in the bin. Kilgour parents who need soccer shoes may simply take a free pair as they come available.

Soccer Practices

When are soccer practices?
Kilgour soccer coaches determine team practice dates and times. Coaches will contact parents once they receive their team rosters. Soccer practices often begin 2-4 weeks before the first game of the season. Practices are held either at either Armelder Park or other fields in the area.

What if my child cannot make the practice time chosen by the coach?
Kilgour asks coaches and parents to work out practice conflicts. However, the scheduling needs of the coach come first. Kilgour will NOT switch a player to another team due on practice schedule conflicts. This creates more problems than it solves. Players may practice with another Kilgour team in their division if approved by the soccer coordinator and coaches involved. However, the player must participate in games for the team to which they were originally assigned. Players are most welcome to participate in games even if they cannot make team practices.

Soccer Games

Can my child play games with a cast?
No. SAY rules stipulate players may not wear any hard objects during games. Coaches may allow players to practice with a cast, but they may not play in games.

When and where are games?
The SAY East Fall season usually consists of 10 games from early September to late October. The spring season consists of 8 games from early April to late May. Games run from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturdays and noon to 5:00 pm on Sundays. You may play up to two games per weekend. Game fields are located all over eastern Cincinnati. Check sayeast.org for field directions.

When do we know our game schedule?
Coaches get their game schedule the week before the season begins.

How do I know when games are canceled, moved or postponed?
Parents call the Cincinnati East SAY field status hotline phone number (369-8036), which is updated the evening and morning before each game day. Please note that SAY soccer games are sometime changed or moved for reasons other than weather conditions. Check the hotline before each game.

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