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Original Effective 8/1/05

The Kilgour Sports Boosters, Inc. (“KSB”) is a non profit corporation that organizes sports programs and engages in related activities for the benefit of the students of the Kilgour Elementary School, Cincinnati, Ohio (“Kilgour”). Given this mandate, KSB, through its Board, from time to time, establishes policies and procedures to assist in this purpose.

Some of these procedures relate to the team registration programs for Kilgour sponsored teams that participate in various athletic leagues and are mandatory for students who wish to take part on such teams. Some of the procedures are voluntary but have been adopted to further the spirit of equal athletic participation at Kilgour.


Sports Awards – The KSB strongly encourages coaches not to purchase individual trophies or awards for Kilgour teams in any sport or to collect money from parents for the same purpose. The KSB believes that such actions by individual coaches may create inequality in how awards for team participation are distributed and prefers that all participants be treated equally.

The KSB has agreed to purchase some type of award, at its cost, for all team participants, to be distributed at the close of a given season, and also hopes to continue sponsoring a year end “sports recognition” night.


Refund Policy – Students who “sign up” to participate on a KSB sponsored sports team and who decide not to participate will be given a full refund of fees, so long as the student (1) requests the refund and (2) makes the request before participating in a competition. Refunds will be made if the student requests a refund after only participating in a practice or practices.


Fee Payment Policy – Students who “sign up” to participate on a KSB sponsored sports team must pay the applicable fee at the time of “sign up” or the application will be rejected and returned until the fee is paid.  


Scholarships – The KSB offers scholarships for students who demonstrate that family situations do not permit them to pay applicable fees for participating on KSB sponsored teams.


Participation by Non Kilgour Students – Current Kilgour students shall be given priority to participate on KSB sponsored sports teams. If space permits, prior Kilgour students may be offered positions on such teams but will be placed in a “waiting pool” until “sign up” periods expire.

Other considerations include whether the non Kilgour student resides in the “Kilgour neighborhood” and whether the school that the student attends offers the sport in which that student is interested.


Team Allocation – When more than one KSB sponsored team competes at a certain level in a given sport, participants shall be allocated on a random basis, subject only to the rules and regulations of the league in which the team is participating.


Equipment – From time to time, the KSB purchases equipment for use by KSB sponsored teams. Coaches are expected to return this equipment at the end of a sports session.


Coach Selection – The KSB appreciates the willingness of parents and others to coach KSB sponsored teams. Where necessary, the KSB will be involved in coaching selections.

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